At E3 NexHealth, our impact extends far beyond individual narratives. We’re making headlines with our innovative approaches that speak volumes about the transformative power of our work. Dive into the real-world impact of our community engagement initiatives, where diverse partnerships and tailored approaches tackle critical health needs and empower individuals. Witness the revolutionary iCAT tool in action, uncovering hidden barriers and empowering data-driven solutions to revolutionize healthcare. 

Explore, be inspired, and discover how you can contribute to building a healthier future for all. Become part of the movement creating a more equitable healthcare system.

A white radiological technician consult with a Black patient after a scan

Groundbreaking Leap for Diverse Clinical Trials

The FDA's new guidelines on participant diversity in clinical trials mark a major victory for inclusivity and scientific accuracy. This crucial step focuses on three key areas: Demolishing entry barriers, designing inclusively, and revolutionizing recruitment.

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Get Screened Philly Kickoff Summit; Philly Area Board panel (Drs. Baskies, Fields, Miyamoto, Parikh)

Cheering on Philly: American Cancer Society’s Get Screened Campaign

The American Cancer Society's "Get Screened Philly" campaign is not just about cheering for the underdogs - Philly has that mastered. Instead, it's about developing and offering interventions to eliminate cancer as we know it for all individuals in Philadelphia by providing free health screenings, education, resources, and support.

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Speaker panel at Women Know Your Numbers Health Event at Enon Tabernacle Church

Pit Crew Approach to Reclaim HER Health

Black women are the heart of both family and community health. So, to preserve this powerful force, Enon Tabernacle Church held its inaugural Women Know Your Numbers Health Event and invited BMS to participate.

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A healthcare professional assesses a patient

Creating Health Equity One Step at a Time

A longstanding health crisis has risen to the surface over the last year, exposing a mistrust of the healthcare system across the country. The impact of that mistrust is that many Black men and women have not received necessary medical attention and have avoided preventative care altogether.

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