Engaging all voices, empowering communities, and evolving the healthcare ecosystem: Together, E3 NexHealth is forging a future where optimal health is a reality for all.


E3 NexHealth stands as a dedicated healthcare organizatioin, steadfast in its mission to enhance optimal health outcomes for everyone through active community engagement, enabling streamlined access, broad-based strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions.

Cultural and Community Assessment and Health Outcomes Consultancy​

Providing strategic advice and guidance to organizations and healthcare stakeholders on addressing health disparities and promoting health equity.​

E3 NexHealth conducts deep internal and external cultural assessments, provides strategic advice and guidance to organizations and healthcare stakeholders to optimize community health outcomes.

Community Interventions: Screening and Health Literacy

Leveraging a collaborative model, E3 NexHealth cultivates and nurtures strategic partnerships with community gatekeepers. We provide a tailored suite of programs designed to inform and empower community action. This includes initiatives like health fairs, disease-specific workshops, and support for building infrastructure. Our approach ensures effective information uptake and promotes sustained community engagement.

Clinical Trial Enrollment​

E3 NexHealth enrolls clinical trials and supports compliance and completion, identifies target population, engages and supports community primary care providers, sustains support through community clinical trial network, and insight generation.

Intelligent Cultural Assessment Transformation Tool

E3 NexHealth is committed to offering innovative solutions and tools that enable companies and organizations to identify and address specific health-related challenges.

E3 NexHealth offers the Intelligent Cultural Assessment Transformation tool (iCATTM) and other innovative solutions that enable hospitals and other organizations to identify and address internal barriers to achieving community health outcome goals.

E3 NexHealth


We believe in fostering a culture of health where everyone has access to the resources and knowledge necessary for optimal well-being.

Our approach is collaborative, involving strategic partnerships to amplify our impact. These core values guide our mission to create healthier communities and a more equitable healthcare system.

Tailored Approach

E3 NexHealth revolutionizes the healthcare landscape with a unique touch, delivering personalized support and curated resources that align seamlessly with the distinctive health needs of every individual.

Community-Centric Solutions

We prioritize proactive well-being and community-driven solutions to foster a healthcare system that is both inclusive and accessible. This involves active engagement from individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting the overall wellness of all.

Commitment to Equity

Choosing us as your preferred partner underscores your commitment to advancing equitable access to healthcare services and tackling critical healthcare disparities across all communities, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Empowering the well-being of every individual in our communities is at the heart of our mission. We accomplish this by implementing sustainable healthcare solutions, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, pioneering therapies, and fostering strategic collaborations.


Our impact is best illustrated through qualitative results. Our commitment to community health and wellness is reflected in the successes shared by our clients and partners:

iCATTM Cultural Assessment

The iCATTM (Intelligent Cultural Assessment Transformation) is an innovative AI-powered capability that goes beyond basic surveys, uncovering and analyzing organizational barriers impacting business outcomes, while also creating customized interventions to ensure key business goals are met.

Community Engagement and Clinical Trials

We collaborate with community and healthcare leaders to dispel healthcare myths in marginalized groups, ensuring access to vital resources for better health. Dedicated to increasing participation in clinical trials among underrepresented populations, we promote awareness and emphasize the substantial benefits. Our goal is a more inclusive and efficient healthcare system.


Empowering healthier communities, E3 NexHealth leverages data and insights to track progress, achieve results, and drive top customer satisfaction. Together, we’re building a healthier future. 100% of our clients report increased health awareness, validating our approach to healthcare accessibility and education.


"E3 NexHealth truly understands the needs of our community. Their health screenings and educational initiatives have made a significant difference. They're more than a service; they're our partners in health."
Reverend Leroy Miles
Rev. Leroy Miles
Board Member and Community Health Consultant
"The dedication of the E3 NexHealth team to health equity is commendable. Their approach to healthcare education and accessibility has been a game changer for our community."
Paula Green
Paula Green
Vice-President at American Cancer Society – Greater Philadelphia
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